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Discount Footprint Mariano 15 Gamechangers Insoles ADH#1017

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  • Gamechangers

    Just like a fingerprint, ever single person's foot is unique. "Over the counter" premolded/ self-forming orthotics are simply gimmicks that cause more discomfort than relief because they don't fit your unique arch… Only Footprint Insole Technology's patent pending "Gamechangers" have achieved true lab level customization at home which you can mould over and over again.
    Finally, a real custom orthotic without doctor's fee's lab visits, high expenses and long waiting. Worldwide patents pending.

    1. Heat in the Oven
    Heating to 225F for 8-10 minutes causes the inner arch chamber to soften and expand allowing the insole to take the exact shape of any arch.

    2. Moulding Process
    The insole takes the unique shape of the foot and becomes firm as it cools down. Firm enough to truly support the skeletal structure.
    • Place in shoe and walk for a dynamic mould
    • Stand on the insole for solid mould
    • Sit and apply moderate pressure for an arch building mould

    3. Enjoy the Benefits of a real custom orthotic
    Normally, as the muscles in your foot get tired or when taking heavy impacts, your arches will start to collapse. This leaves you prone to injury and soreness as your joints stop working in alignment.

    • increase balance
    • stop the arch from collapsing (over pronation)
    • increase performance time
    • prevent arthritis from uneven cartilage wear
    • prevent acute injury such as torn ACL

    4. Remould to new shoes
    Many shoes have different widths so buying a custom orthotic from a lab will achieve different results in different shoes.
    Gamechangers can simply be remoulded to new shoes.

    When met with impact, the molecules in our foam respond by instantaneously forming a linked bond which converts up to 95% of impact energy into heat energy rather than allowing the shock to transfer into the body. In the moment of impact (MOI), the foam becomes firm while converting the energy and almost instantly returns to its normal state thus allowing for multiple impacts with consistent protection unlike other foams which may "flatten out" or lose their "memory" after an impact or extreme impact.

    Durability for Impact after Impact

    A two month old FP Insole will still absorb more energy than a brand new insole from any competitor.

    The memory feature allows the padding to return to its original state impact after impact. In lab testing, all other insoles quickly showed worse and worse performance after multiple impacts while FP Insoles continued to perform like new after repeated heavy impacts.

    PROVEN Performance
    While nearly all aftermarket insoles use keywords like "shock absorption" or "Impact Protection", most actually perform no better than stock shoe insoles. FP Insoles is the only insole to truly demonstrate the level of performance.
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